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C·Ray will take part in 2024 (Fifth) Military Equipment Surface Treatment Technology Summit Forum

Time : 2024/3/13 9:08:36

To further larger C·Ray influence and let more customers deeply know C·Ray, we have successfully applied for 2024 (Fifth) Military Equipment Surface Treatment Technology Summit Forum as an exhibitor.

The 2024 (fifth) Military Equipment Surface Treatment Technology Summit Forum is scheduled to be held on April 11-12, 2024 at the Eurasia Exhibition International Hotel in Wuhan, China. Under the requirements of building a strong new national defense and military, Surface treatment technology innovation and development, green development, intelligent development, digital development of military equipment manufacturing enterprises in aerospace, weapons and equipment, ships, nuclear power, electronics and other defense and military fields, increase the transformation and application of advanced scientific and technological achievements, and develop green products that meet the whole life cycle and environmental protection needs. Continue to strengthen the in-depth discussion between the supply and demand sides of military equipment surface treatment, open up convenient channels for surface treatment supplier enterprises to communicate with the military industry, actively promote the overall technological progress and industrial upgrading of the industry, and comprehensively improve the modern management level of military equipment surface treatment technology under the requirements of the new era! China Equipment Management Association coating Industry Development Promotion Center, Surface treatment Technical Committee, state-owned Stara Machinery Manufacturing Company and Moduo digital economy platform continue to create high-quality professional technical exchange meetings, Invite heavyweight experts in relevant fields [government, scientific research institutes, domestic and foreign units in advantageous fields, military equipment enterprises (including aerospace, weapons and equipment, ships, nuclear power, electronics, etc.)] to attend the meeting and discuss the report. Involved in coating, electroplating, brush plating, electroless plating, vacuum coating, thermal spraying, cold spraying, anodizing, anti-rust lubrication and other military equipment surface treatment related fields.

C·Ray has applied to be an exhibitor to show our Anodizing line, ABS plastic plating line, barrel plating line, rack plating line, continuous plating line, vertical elevating plating line, VCP line, etc. and environmental protection equipment.

Warmly and sincerely welcome customers and supporting cooperative manufacturers visit our booth!

(The invitation letter: https://q.eqxiu.com/s/0TpeV4Pn?eip=true)