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Warm celebration of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of C-RAY

Time : 2024/1/29 11:40:11
With the end of the final exciting 10000 yuan lottery, the 10th anniversary celebration of C-RAY has officially come to an end. This grand evening with gratitude as its theme not only showcases the company's ten-year glorious history, but also embodies the company's corporate culture and the spiritual outlook of its employees.

The evening party kicked off with a speech from the company leader, Miss Cici deeply reviewed the ups and downs that the company has gone through in the past decade, expressed sincere gratitude to all employees for their hard work, and sent a message to all employees to continue working hard for the development of the company. Miss Cici speech deeply moved every employee present and inspired everyone to work together for a better future of the company.

Subsequently, the evening party entered a rich and colorful performance segment. The youth dance, passionate crosstalk, unique anime walk show and other programs were staged in turn, which won bursts of applause from the audience. These exciting programs not only showcase the versatility of the employees, but also fully reflect the diversity and inclusiveness of the company culture.

The dinner party is even more sumptuous, with a variety of delicious dishes that make people feast on their stomachs. The employees gathered together to share this joyful moment, passing blessings and encouragement to each other, and celebrating this memorable day together.

The climax of the evening party should be the exciting ten thousand yuan lottery segment. Special guests were invited to participate in a red envelope gift sponsorship lottery, which brought the atmosphere to a boiling point. Lucky employees took to the stage to receive their awards, and their joy and excitement infected everyone present.

With the end of the final round of lottery, the company's 10th anniversary celebration party came to an end. This grand party is not only a celebration of the company's ten-year glorious history, but also an expectation and outlook for future development. In the future, all employees will continue to work hand in hand to create a more brilliant future for the company.